Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eva Claire 4 & 5 months

Eva Claire is the sweetest little girl.  She goes with the flow; she never makes a peep (unless she is really hungry or tired of course!).  She is now rolling over, sitting up, grabbing everything within her reach, babbling....Her first word was mama!  The first time she tried cereal, she really seemed to like it. She hasn't been as fond of it since.  She loves playing in her exersaucer and bouncy seat.  She is such a joy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2 & 3 months old

Miss Eva Claire was 2 months before I knew it!  She is such a sweet, happy girl.  

She was an all-star during a lot of transition ie moving, staying at different places for 3 weeks, etc.  

She started finding her feet around 2 months old, and now that's all she loves to do.  She is always pulling her feet up to her mouth!

Sweet girl with her dolls

Eating her feet again

She loves to smile and laugh, but it is hard to get on camera!

Her big brother sure does love her.  I hope they are always close!

Love these two so much!

Monday, August 11, 2014

EC's newborn pictures

Eva Claire had newborn pictures made when she was 9 days old.  We used Katie Liles photography, and she did an awesome job!  Here are some of my favorites!

Eva Claire's birth

I was scheduled for a c-section on 6/18/14 to meet our sweet little girl.  I was initially told that we had to be at the hospital at 5:30am even though the csection wasn't scheduled until the afternoon.  When I went to my preop appointment the day before, the nurse told me to get there around 10am.  What a blessing to get a little more sleep before our season of sleepless nights began again!  Here we are leaving our house that morning.


Our 6 lb 9 oz precious Eva Claire
20 inches

Mommy's first picture

First picture with mommy & daddy

Sleeping angel

On our way home after 2 days!

So tiny in her carseat

Cade was not able to come to the hospital to meet his sister because he had been sick with a fever of 105.  My parents and sister graciously took care of him at our home the whole time we were in the hospital.  What a huge blessing they were to us.  We didn't have to worry about Cade being taken care of.  This is a picture of him meeting his sister for the first time (wearing his Big bro shirt!)

He loves his sister.  He wants to "hold" her every day.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Warner Robins Baby Shower

The other Air Force dentists' wives threw a baby shower for me.  It was so sweet of them, and a really special time with friends here.  
All of the yummy food!

Sweet Friends

The hostesses- Karrissa, Liz and Jaclyn

My friend Jana's cute girls

Averi Kate helped me open presents. 

Church friends- Julie, Elise and Kathleen