Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick trip to Charleston

I was able to go to Charleston at the end of March for a fast and furious trip. Here are some highlights:

Hayden and Austin loved taking turns wearing my cowboy boots!

I was able to be there for my sister, Aimee’s, bridal portraits. Here are some of the gorgeous places we went, but of course I can’t reveal any of her which are even more gorgeous!

I had forgotten how much I missed green grass, oak trees, azaleas, and palm trees (but of course I miss our family and friends more although that is a given).

The day after the bridal portraits, we headed to a bridal shower for Aimee given by her friend Maribeth (who was 35 weeks pregnant1). Of course Hayden enjoyed helping Aimee open presents.

All the girls in the family- me, Aimee, Mom, Melissa, and Hayden

Some of my dearest friends met me for dinner one night in Charleston, but I am sad to say that we didn’t get a picture! Girls, we have to do better next time!

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  1. Christy it was so much fun to see you!!!! Please send Ben a hug from me!