Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lake Nottely, GA- Areheart Vacation

Last week we went on vacation with the Areheart family to Lake Nottely, GA. We rented a beautiful house right on the lake which was perfect because it gave us a lot of activities without even leaving.  We did lots of fishing, boat riding, talking, reading, and taking care of babies. 

Ben was our awesome grill master.  

I love the way West crawls- it is so cute...  

The fire pit was a great addition to the house.  It was so fun making smores.  

Ben was very proud of his perfectly toasted marshmallows.  

 The Ergo baby carrier is the best!  

Our little boat captain. 

Fishing is fun whether the fish are big or small. 

Ben is such a fun uncle  

The three babies with their grandparents- Scout & West are 9 months old and Cade is 5 months old  

Three generations of Areheart men.  I pray Cade will be a follower of Christ like these other two!  He has great examples to look up to  

The whole clan  

Ice cream was a special treat for the kids 

 Carolina & Colt

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