Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby shower fun

We have been so blessed with many friends and family who want to celebrate our little boy with us.  We had a shower in Colorado Springs before we moved.  This is the lovely hostess, Jackie.

Explaining to Ben what a Moby wrap is.
 All our sweet gifts!
 A couple of weeks ago, we had a baby shower in Charleston.  Here I am at almost 31 weeks.

The shower was a carnival theme!  How cute!

My sweet friend, Emma.

Opening presents, or should I say my niece, Hayden was opening presents!  She was so fun

 My mom (holding Mac), sister Melissa, sister Aimee, and friend Lorren

I miss these Charleston friends so much!!!  Emma, Alyssa, Holly and baby Banks

The hostesses of the shower- Lorren with daughter Ellison, Abbey with son Mac, and Meredith!  Love these girls

AND....the best present of all- Baby Areheart's coming home outfit!  (not really, it was a big joke with my friends)

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